Miel Muria collaborates in the project “Education can change history” – NASCO Foundation Feeding Minds

The Muria Honey Company (www.mielmuria.com) has collaborated in the project "Education can change history" of the African Republic of Ghana NASCO foundation Feeding Minds. NASCO Feeding Minds is dedicated to creating opportunities for Ghana's younger [...]

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Rafel Muria, Quatre Molins and artMuria chef, Candidate for the Madrid Fusion Upcoming chef award 2019

 The winner of the XVII edition of this gastronomic award will be revealed next Wednesday the 30th, at the auditory of the congress El Perelló (Tarragona), 24th January 2019.- The perellonenc Rafel Muria, chef of [...]

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Miel Muria was awarded with the award for Internationalization of the Chamber awards 2018

The awards of the fifth edition of the Chamber of Tortosa were given last Thursday the 22nd, in the local Auditorium at Amposta. El Perelló (Tarragona), 26th November 2018.- Miel Muria (www.mielmuria.com) has been awarded [...]

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