The packaging of this new product is totally revolutionary, it decomposes at the end of its useful life to return to nature

El Perelló (Tarragona), April 12, 2021.- Muria BIO, the organic honey brand of the Tarragona company Miel Muria ( belonging to the Horeca Channel, launches the first line of organic honey candies with 100% compostable packaging from Europe.
A range of honey candies with 4 flavors (honey and lemon, honey and eucalyptus, honey and propolis and honey and ginger) that do not contain any stabilizers and that are made with totally natural products.

The packaging of the new product and the wrappers of the Muria Bio sweets are totally revolutionary, since they follow a Circular Economy model and decompose at the end of their useful life to return to nature. The wrapping is made of NATURFLEX TM NK with an ‘OK COMPOST HOME’ certificate from TÜV AUSTRIA BELGIUM NV and can be disposed of together with organic waste as it complies with the EN 13432 Regulation on compostable products. The packaging material disintegrates in 3 months and is completely biodegradable in 6 months and the packaging material disintegrates in 6 to 8 weeks.

On a nutritional level, Muria BIO has changed the typical glucose + sugar formulation of most of the candies that currently exist on the market to create a new recipe and a healthier product. It took more than a year of R&D to develop a healthy formulation based on organic pure rice molasses (59.1%), organic honey (28.6%) and organic coconut sugar (10.8%).

The organic honey candies that currently exist on the Bio market contain organic glucose in a chemical state and 20% or less organic honey. The new Muria BIO candies reach almost 30%, the highest percentage on the market. Almost 60% of the base of the new Muria BIO candies is organic pure rice molasses that has many advantages (fewer calories, it is completely natural, it has a more uniform taste, less fructose and it provides small percentages of iron, folic acid, Thiamine , Niacin, Vitamin E, Calcium, Potassium and Phosphorus).
Another characteristic that differentiates this innovative product is that conventional candies have organic beet or cane sugar as their main ingredient. On the contrary, the new Muria BIO candies are made with 11% organic coconut sugar, so they have a low glycemic index, are made naturally, have fewer carbohydrates and contain essential nutrients: potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron.
In addition to all these advantages, the new organic sweets from Muria BIO have totally natural aromas: Lemon (0.9%) and Eucalyptus, Propolis and Ginger (1.4%).
Apart from having a presence in specialized stores, the new Muria BIO organic honey candies are also designed for large surfaces. The company has designed display boxes of 12 bags of 65 g so that each establishment can choose the format that interests them the most. The boxes are made from FSC cardboard, sourced from sustainably managed forests. Muria BIO also sells boxes of 10 bags of 1000 g single flavor bulk sale.

Miel Muria‘s business policy maintains a faithful social and environmental commitment and carries out numerous actions to maintain biodiversity beyond the care of bees. With the help of PEFC Spain, the company has recently certified the first honey from forests certified in Sustainable Forest Management in Europe and the first to be exported worldwide.

The latest edition of the prestigious BIOLMIEL international award, which celebrated a few weeks ago, has awarded 4 gold medals, 1 silver and 2 maximum certifications to the best honeys in their category to 5 of the varieties of organic Muria BIO honeys.


About Muria

The Muria family, beekeepers since 1810, is dedicated, in addition to extracting, bottling and marketing top quality honey, to disseminate centuries of experience around bees at the Muria Beekeeping Interpretation Center. There you can see the facilities where the honey is extracted, do bee tourism and become aware of the need to take care of the bees to avoid their extinction.