Its innovative line of organic honey candies with 100% compostable packaging, unique worldwide, has surprised visitors to the fair for organic products and responsible consumption.

El Perelló (Tarragona), July 14th, 2021.- Muria BIO, the organic honey brand of the Tarragona company Miel Muria  belonging to the Horeca Channel, has shown its most sustainable face in the 27th edition of BioCultura that was held this weekend in Barcelona.

The organic products fair for responsible consumption has had 14,000 visitors who have come to the Palau Sant Jordi to see first-hand the latest developments in the organic sector.

Muria BIO is a company committed to the environment and with a sustainable conscience and philosophy. Its innovative line of organic honey candies with 100% compostable packaging, unique worldwide, has surprised BioCultura BCN 2021.

A range of honey candies with 4 flavors (honey and lemon, honey and eucalyptus, honey and propolis and honey and ginger) that do not contain any stabilizers and that are made with totally natural products.

Within the framework of BioCultura, last Saturday Rafel Muria, president of Miel Muria and 5th generation of this lineage of beekeepers, offered a conference in which he presented the characteristics of this new product line and detailed all the advances that the company is making to achieve maximum sustainability.

Muria pointed out that, according to the organization The World Counts, the world throws 2,120 million tons of waste a year. 8 tons of plastic waste are dumped into the sea and 300,000 tons of waste float on the surface of the oceans. Most plastic items take 450 years to biodegrade.

The packaging and wrappers of Muria BIO candies are totally revolutionary, as they follow a Circular Economy model and decompose at the end of their useful life to return to nature. The packaging is made with NATURFLEX TM NK with the ‘OK COMPOST HOME’ certificate from TÜV AUSTRIA BELGIUM NV and can be disposed of together with the organic matter since it complies with the EN 13432 Regulation on compostable products. The packaging material disintegrates in 3 months and is completely biodegradable in 6 months and the wrapper material disintegrates between 6 and 8 weeks.

The zero waste

Rafael Muria explained that they are working to achieve zero waste: a philosophy that encourages redesign in the manufacture of products so that it is easily reusable and does not leave waste on the planet.

Muria BIO is also replacing the plastic in its labels, making them compostable.

At the nutritional level, Muria BIO has changed the typical glucose + sugar formulation of most of the candies that currently exist on the market to create a new recipe and a healthier product. It took more than a year of R&D to develop a healthy formulation based on organic pure rice molasses (59.1%), organic honey (28.6%) and organic coconut sugar (10.8%).

In addition to having a presence in specialized stores, the new Muria BIO organic honey candies are also designed for large surfaces. The company has designed display boxes of 12 bags of 65 gr. so that each establishment chooses the format that interests them the most. The boxes are made from FSC cardboard, sourced from sustainably managed forests. Muria BIO also sells boxes of 10 bags of 1000 gr. single flavor for bulk sale.

Miel Muria‘s business policy maintains a faithful social and environmental commitment and carries out numerous actions to maintain biodiversity beyond caring for bees. With the help of PEFC Spain, the company has recently certified the first honey from forests certified in Sustainable Forest Management in Europe and the first to be exported worldwide.

About Muria

The Muria family, beekeepers since 1810, is dedicated, in addition to extracting, bottling and marketing top quality honey, to disseminate centuries of experience around bees at the Muria Apicultural Interpretation Center. There you can see the facilities from which they extract the honey, make bee tourism and become aware of the need to take care of the bees to avoid their extinction.