El Perelló (Tarragona), January 13th, 2022.- This midday, the centenary honey company from Perelló (Tarragona) Miel Muria, has presented the Solidarity Honey the new product that it has created for the benefit of the NGO NASCO Feeding Minds.

Giving a glimpse of its most charitable side, Miel Muria has designed a honey pack that contains a 100g jar of flower honey from its own honeycombs and a 28g pot of flower honey from the cooperative that the non-profit organization manages in Ghana (West Africa).

Miel Muria will allocate €5 from each purchase of the Solidarity Honey pack to this entity that works for digital education and the economic development of rural communities in Ghana, preventing hundreds of thousands of immigrants from risking their lives in the desert and at sea looking for a better future. The pack can be purchased for €10 at the Miel Muria physical store and also online, through its website.
The presentation of the new product, at the Miel Muria headquarters, was attended by Ousman Umar, founder and president of NASCO Feeding Minds, and Rafael Muria, manager of Miel Muria and the fifth generation of this saga of beekeepers.

During the presentation ceremony, Rafael Muria presented Ousman with a check for € 2,500 as an advance on the benefits of the first 500 units of the product.

Empowerment of women

In 2016, NASCO Feeding Minds created a honey cooperative in Ghana with the main objective of empowering village women and taking advantage of natural resources to increase the economic income of families in the area and thus facilitate the education of their children. Since then, Miel Muria has collaborated in the project by donating beekeeping equipment, beekeeper suits and final products.

Currently, the cooperative has 127 women involved, from 8 different communities, who manage a total of 131 hives.

Jump into the sea in search of opportunities

In 2021 there have been 4,400 people who have lost their lives in the Mediterranean trying to enter the Spanish state, 102.95% more victims compared to 2020. The routes followed by migrants by sea are increasingly longer and more dangerous and the conditions of the boats and of the people who travel in them are completely precarious.

Ousman left Ghana as a child, crossed the Sahara on foot, and the sea in a small boat and saw most of his fellow travelers die on the way. He traveled 21,333 km to reach Barcelona, ​​crossing 8 countries and it took him 5 years to do so. (Watch video)

With this initiative, Miel Muria and NASCO Feeding Minds want to offer tools to Ghanaian society so that the inhabitants of this African country have opportunities within its borders and do not have to risk theirlives  and their loved ones lives, as Ousman did.

About Muria

The Muria family, beekeepers since 1810, is dedicated, in addition to extracting, bottling and marketing top quality honey, to disseminating centuries of experience with bees at the Muria Beekeeping Interpretation Center. There you can see the facilities from which honey is extracted, do bee tourism and become aware of the need to care for bees to prevent their extinction.

About NASCO Feeding Minds

NASCO Feeding Minds is an association that aims to create a network of computer classrooms in rural schools in Ghana, with the aim of familiarizing boys and girls with digital tools and facilitating their access to information. The project stems from the will of its founder, Ousman Umar, to ensure that students from his country of origin have more tools to decide their future than he had.

Since 2012, more than 20,000 students have passed through its classrooms, and the number is increasing. All thanks to the involvement of people and companies, such as Muria, who help maintain the project day by day.