This innovative product was made and designed to be used in the restaurant industry and also to be sold  in Gourmet shops artMuria & Caviaroli present our new honey caviar

El Perelló (Tarragona), December 12th, 2019 – The artMuria luxury honey company ( and the Caviaroli caviar company ( have joined 200 years of experience in beekeeping with know-how and innovation to create a surprising product: artMuria & Caviaroli honey caviar, the result of the synergy between both prestigious brands, which belong to the Spanish Association of Luxury Spain. 

These two family businesses share the same principles of quality and innovation that have led them to join forces to surprise the lover of the best honeys with a new way of enjoying them. With great respect for a luxury product such as ArtMuria honey, CAVIAROLI has spherified two of their exquisite creations: Orange Honey and Forest Honey, faithfully reflecting the flavors and aromas of each. 

This innovative product has been made and designed for the Horeca Channel and also to be sold in gourmet establishments. An exciting way to enrich any gastronomic experience and decorate any dish by bringing the taste of forest and orange honey in a very original and sophisticated way. With the honey spheres, which are an explosion of flavor with a texture like caviar that explodes in the mouth leaving an intensity and unique aromas on the palate, you can give a ‘trendy’ touch to any Christmas menu. The artMuria & Caviaroli honey caviar is sold in two varieties of artMuria honey (orange and forest) and in two different formats (20g and 50g).

Forest honey caviar 

A dark amber honey with a very intense aroma of toasted cereal. Its sweet flavor displays persistent salty components, and as a whole it works well with cold and hot dishes, providing an exquisite pairing with fried vegetables, tempura, spicy roasts and strong cheeses.

Suggested presentation of artMuria Forest Honey Caviar & Caviaroli

Orange Honey Caviar

Its honey is clean and light amber in tone and its citrus aroma persists in the mouth with a refreshing acidity.  It pairs well with hot and cold dishes. The orange honey makes them sweet and juicy and achieves a great harmony with duck recipes, fresh cheeses, fried and oven baked sweets, soft ice cream and desserts. This product in its recent launch has already been awarded 2 stars at the Iberica Awards in London, where they also awarded the artMuria aromatic treasure pack with 3 stars.

ArtMuria Orange Honey Caviar & Caviaroli

In both cases its creators recommend turning the jar over a couple of times before use, so that it releases all its aroma.


About artMuria

The Muria family, beekeepers since 1810, have combined the know-how of their ancestors, the agro-environmental quality of the Mediterranean mountains and the most advanced technology to create a range of top quality beekeeping products. It has also known how to project its products internationally with its luxury brand of honey artMuria: four varieties of honey of the highest quality, sold in various formats and in luxury presentations, which it currently exports to more than 15 countries.