The varieties Rosemary and High mountain have won 2nd Prize at the Annual beekeeping congress, celebrated last weekend at the village in Lerida

El Perelló (Tarragona), 2nd May 2019.- The Muria Honey varieties of Rosemary and High Mountain honey ( have been awarded 2nd Prize each in Fira Q Balaguer.  The contest ‘Queen of honeys’, celebrated during the annual beekeeping congress, awards Catalonia’s best honey.

The 13th edition of this congress, organized by the Department of Agriculture, Farming, Fishing, Food and Natural Environment of the Generalitat of Catalonia, was celebrated last weekend in the capital city of the region Noguera (Lerida), with about one hundred beekeepers from all over Catalonia.

This great event that shows different areas, from gastronomy to local and close commerce this year 2019 received around 20.000 visitors.

Also to highlight that in the 34th edition of Firabril, The Olive oil and honey fair of El Perelló (Tarragona), celebrated 13th and 14th April, the Rosemary honey was also awarded 2nd prize in their honey contest, it is the longest running honey contest in the Spain and a large amount of beekeepers from all over Spain participate. On this occasion Muria Honeys Orange honey also awarded.

About Muria

 Muria Honey, beekeepers since 1810, have known how to unite the know how learnt from their ancestors, the agri-environmental quality of the Mediterranean mountains and the most advanced technology to create different ranges of high quality bee products: the basic range Muria Honey, the one sold under the brand of luxury honey artMuria and the organic range Muria Bio.

The different Muria Honey collections are sold in Catalonia, the rest of Spain and are also exported to more than 15 countries.