The contest ‘Queen of honeys’ at Fira Q Balaguer awards two varieties of Muria Honey

The varieties Rosemary and High mountain have won 2nd Prize at the Annual beekeeping congress, celebrated last weekend at the village in Lerida El Perelló (Tarragona), 2nd May 2019.- The Muria Honey varieties of Rosemary and High Mountain honey ( have been awarded 2nd Prize each in Fira Q Balaguer.  The contest ‘Queen of honeys’, [...]

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Different varieties of Muria honey, were presented at EcoSalud Barcelona and Firabril 2019

El Perelló (Tarragona), 16th April 2019.- The organic range of honey Muria Bio ( shined in the 28th edition de EcoSalud, The Health and Natural Products fair, a place for business meetings for professionals of the natural product area, like Muria Honey, and for all people interested in natural health and healthy lifestyle. The Muria [...]

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The luxury honey collection artMuria Luxury Innova launches a new line of packaging

artMuria launches a new line of packaging for its collection of Luxury honey artMuria Luxury Innova. The new designs for the varieties of Orange honeys flavoured with Saffron, white truffle and black truffle, expanding their target with a new fresh hip image, revaluating each one of these products in this collection. Individual red case, “Aromatic [...]

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Great acceptation of the range of Organic honeys Muria BIO in the 30th edition of BioFach

The flavoured range ‘Wellness and pleasure’ is what generated most excitement in the visitors of this edition, celebrated in Nuremberg (Germany), from the 13th to 16th February. El Perelló (Tarragona), 20th February 2019.- A team from Muria BIO (, leaded by their president, Rafael Muria, have participated in the 2019 edition of BioFach, the international [...]

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Miel Muria collaborates in the project “Education can change history” – NASCO Foundation Feeding Minds

The Muria Honey Company ( has collaborated in the project "Education can change history" of the African Republic of Ghana NASCO foundation Feeding Minds. NASCO Feeding Minds is dedicated to creating opportunities for Ghana's younger generation by providing them with digital education through tools and knowledge that will enable them to develop their talents and [...]

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Two new international awards for Muria Bio’s collection of Organic Honey

Various varieties of Muria Bio range of Organic honeys have been awarded with the Italian Prize Biolmiel 2018 and in the Hispanoluso Organic Honey competition El Perelló (Tarragona), 6th February 2019.- The organic range of honey Muria BIO ( shine in the 2018 edition of the Italian prize BIOLMIEL, the competition for the best Organic [...]

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Rafel Muria, Quatre Molins and artMuria chef, Candidate for the Madrid Fusion Upcoming chef award 2019

 The winner of the XVII edition of this gastronomic award will be revealed next Wednesday the 30th, at the auditory of the congress El Perelló (Tarragona), 24th January 2019.- The perellonenc Rafel Muria, chef of the restaurant Quatre Molins ( and of the Luxury Honey brand artMuria (, is one the nine candidates for Madrid [...]

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Muria Honey, awarded by the Confederation of Cooperatives of Catalonia

President Quim Torra presented the awards of the 2nd edition of the CoopCat 2018 Awards last Friday at the Filmoteca de Catalunya (Barcelona) Rafael Muria, president of Muria Honey, receives the award from the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra.  El Perelló (Tarragona), 18th December 2018- SAT LTDA APÍCOLA EL PERELLÓ 1363-CAT, Muria Honey ( [...]

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Miel Muria was awarded with the award for Internationalization of the Chamber awards 2018

The awards of the fifth edition of the Chamber of Tortosa were given last Thursday the 22nd, in the local Auditorium at Amposta. El Perelló (Tarragona), 26th November 2018.- Miel Muria ( has been awarded with the Award for Internationalization in the fifth edition of the Chamber Awards, convened by the Official Chamber of Commerce, [...]

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Muria honey awarded by PIMEC the award to the most competitive small company of Catalonia

The 31st edition of PIME Awards was celebrated last week at the Oval room of the MNAC and was presided by the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, at their annual gala dinner El Perelló (Tarragona), October 2018. – The centenary company from El Perelló Muria honey ( has been awarded Most competitive small company [...]

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